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How to take American Board of Internal Medicine Survey Using ABIM Official Survey Website?

American Board Survey( Take American Board of Internal Medicine Survey offered by ABIM to give your valued feedback at survey has been composed in order to provide patients with an enhanced experience and put forward their concerns and recommendations as well.

Completion of the American Board Survey helps users to put forward their suggestions and issues regarding the physicians at the clinics lying under the umbrella of American Board of Internal Medicine.American Board of Internal Medicine Survey

If you are looking forward to being a part of the American Board of Internal Medicine Survey, this article provides a comprehensive guide to complete the survey.

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American Board Survey(

American Board of Internal Medicine Survey has been composed to collect customer feedback and recommendations as well as enhance the quality services provided to them when they visit the clinics for treatments of their health problems.

American Board of Internal Medicine Survey focuses on:

The survey contains questions about :

  • The quality of facilities and treatments given to patients.
  • The expertise of the physician.
  • The availability of physicians.
  • Availablity of medicine at the pharmacy.
  • The effectiveness of treatments or medicines provided to the patients.
  • The ease of getting an appointment with the physician.

American Board SurveyAmerican Board Survey Requirements

The pre-requisites for participating in the survey available at are mentioned below :

  • A laptop, computer or mobile device with a reliable internet connection.
  • Basic understanding of English language or Spanish language.
  • You will need to enter the physician ID in order to access the survey.
  • This survey can be accessed by anyone who has visited a clinic recently.
  • You must be aware of the physician ID of the doctor you visited so that you can provide a valid feedback through this survey.

American Board SurveyAmerican Board Survey Entry Method

The entry methods through which users can be a part of the Cineplex Voice of the Guest Survey is mentioned below:

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Enter Online

Users can enter this online survey by visiting the URL: and answering a number of questions regarding the services provided to the patients after entering the physician ID.

How to complete American Board of Internal Medicine Survey available at

Quick Guide |

Step By Step Guide for American Board Survey

The step by step guide involves the following steps :

  • In order to fill out the survey, visit the URL:
  • On the page, you would be presented with the option to take the survey in English or Spanish. Choose the language of your
  • You would then be asked to enter your physician ID. Once having entered the ID, click Begin Survey and you would then be directed to the primary survey questions.
  • Answer the questions honestly, taking your past experiences into consideration. Your responses would be confidential and your physician would not know the negative feedback (if any) was from you.
  • In fact, the responses won’t reach the particular doctor. Your answers would head to ABIM for their due perusal.
  • Make sure you have visited the physician you are discussing in the survey at least once in the past 12 months. If not, the questions won’t apply. In case you are slated to visit the particular doctor in the future, take this survey after your visit.
  • If you are not sure that your feedback will be forwarded through this survey you can directly email them to this address as well:

About American Board of Internal Medicine

The American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) is a non-profit, self-appointed physician evaluation organization which certifies physicians who practice internal medicine and its subspecialties. ABIM has issued more than 425,000 initial certificates in internal medicine and its subspecialties in the United States and its territories since its founding. From 2001 until 2013, ABIM certified 91,024 physicians in general internal medicine. From 2001-2013 ABIM certified more than 10,000 cardiologists and more than 6,400 medical oncologists. More than 140,000 physicians – including more than 8,000 physicians are currently enrolled in ABIM’s Maintenance of Certification program. The current president and CEO of ABIM is Richard J. Baron.

ABIM Contact Information

The contact information details for ABIM are mentioned below :

  • Phone Details: 1-800-441-2246.
  • Address: American Board of Internal Medicine, 510 Walnut Street, Suite 1700, Philadelphia, PA 19106-3699.
  • Contact Us Page:

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