How to Take Kroger Feedback Guest Satisfaction Survey?

Kroger Feedback | Take Kroger Feedback Survey to win 5000$ cash |

Kroger Feedback Customer Satisfaction Survey: Kroger Feedback ( is an online web portal. People take part in Kroger Sweepstakes Survey to win  Kroger Feedback Fuel Points, Kroger Gift Cards & Kroger Digital Coupons at Kroger Feedback.

Kroger supermarket has only one mission, do you know what that is? Your Satisfaction! For this purpose, they launched Kroger feedback survey system to know how happy and satisfied their customers are. So today I will cover everything related to Kroger feedback customer satisfaction survey.

Kroger Feedback

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Kroger Feedback | Survey Requirements

Kroger Sweepstakes Survey Details

You must keep these things in your mind before going to conduct a survey on their official website.

  • If you want to win Kroger digital coupons and 50 Kroger fuel points then You need an active internet connection. It doesn’t matter what device you will use to take the survey, i.e. you can use your personal PC, laptop or your mobile device.
  • You need Kroger receipt, keeping it in mind that only 7 days older receipt can be used to take a Kroger survey.
  • As far as I know, survey questions are available in two languages one is English and second one is Spanish so you can only take this survey when you have knowledge of either English or Spanish language.
  • You must be at least 18 years old to take this survey.
  • It will take around 12 – 15 minutes to answer all questions, therefore you have to give some of your valuable time.

Wanna take Kroger Feedback survey?

Looking for a sublime chance of winning Kroger Feedback Fuel Points, Gift Cards and Digital Coupons by Kroger. Take Kroger feedback survey at its official website, Here are provided three guides, choose any of your interest.

  • Quick Guide: In this guide, a quick overview about kroger survey is given.
  • Video Guide: In the video guide section you will go through step by step procedure of taking survey via video tutorial.
  • Step By Step Guide: In this section, a brief step by step guide with important images is provided for taking kroger feedback survey.

You’re provided with a purchase receipt every time you make an order at any kroger store located near by your area.

Kroger Feedback: Quick Guide for

Why do you need to take Kroger survey? Because you can get 100$ worth grocery gift card, more than that, you can win the grand prize of 5000 USD in term of grocery gift cards plus Kroger fuel points.

Kroger Feedback Survey

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Kroger Sweepstakes Survey – Video Tutorial

All official links are given below. Watch the video tutorial for Kroger feedback customer satisfaction survey and you will get a full idea how you can do Kroger feedback survey online.

Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey – Text Guide

  • You are provided with Kroger Receipt on your each purchase, just as following. Go to enter the information given on your receipt.
  • To start the Kroger’s survey, Date, Time & Entry ID mentioned on your given receipt is required.


  • Then You’re asked about either you have visited CARROLLTON location or not.
  • Further, you’re appealed for being responsive to some of the necessary queries.
  • First, you’re questioned about purchase department of your interest during your recent visit.
  • Next, you’re asked to rate your overall experience of Kroger.
  • Then, Your ratings for grocery baggers, price on items with relative to other stores and cordial response of employees is demanded.
  • More, Kroger’s survey asks you regarding your satisfaction level for quality of store brands, ease of moving through & cleanliness of store, sale items on stock, & courteous response of checkout staff.
  • Kroger’s care for customers satisfaction every way, therefore, your satisfaction relating to production department, freshness& prices of produce, stock items & cordial response of staff is assured.
  • Similarly, you’re asked to rate for your satisfaction for dairy department, the freshness of its products, & courteous response of staff.
  • Similarly further you’re asked to rate for your contentment for deli department, fresh and stock items of deli department, & serving time.
  • Next, Your’s satisfactory response for the quality freshness of items, friendliness of employees and stock items for Bakery department is requested.
  • Considering the same parameters, your contented rating for store food aisles is being asked.
  • Then, You’re asked for the availability of your intended item.
  • Now, you will be asked about likelihood you choose to adopt.
  • Your recommendations based on your last visit are welcomed.
  • Keeping in view your visit of Kroger’s store, your satisfaction parameters are ensured again.
  • Likely, your satisfaction for savings from Kroger’s digital coupons and value of Kroger fuel rewards is asked.
  • Then, You’ve requested to precisely state your high contentment with Kroger services.
  • Further, For reassuring customers satisfaction, you’re requested to state yes/no for any problem you had experienced during your visit.
  • Kroger always looks forward to the feedback from its customers to grow better, You’re welcomed to give your feedback for other departments you’re interested in.
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  • You’re requested to precise comment about pharmacy.
  • Next, You’re asked for stating a product you intended to purchase but you hadn’t purchased.
  • Kroger’s Thank you for your overwhelmed feedback, You’re asked a general few questions more, like How many times you have visited Kroger.
  • Then, You’re asked for your opinion of giving your email address or your sweepstakes participation.
  • For having 50 fuel points to your Loyalty card, You are asked either for your card number or another ID.
  • More, You’re asked for providing some necessary details comprised on your provided feedback.
  • Finally, Kroger Thank-you again for your generous feedback and notify you through email if you will be a lucky winner of sweepstakes, and a link is being provided for knowing about defined rules of sweepstakes.

kroger survey fuel points

Kroger Company Information

Kroger is American grocery store, their mission is to satisfy the various needs of its customers and to provide them high-quality services and products at low cost.

In 1883, Kroger is Founded by Barney Kroger, nowadays Kroger has more than 2600 stores and working in 34 states.

Kroger is one of the biggest retailers in the united state, Barney believes in improvement, innovation and how much we give back to the community.

I hope you like my post on Kroger Feedback Survey Guide ( I think I provide you enough information that you need to take part in their online survey to win Kroger digital coupons and Kroger fuel points, if you have any question related to Kroger customer satisfaction survey please raise them in the comment section I will be giving you required feedback, as soon as possible.

Kroger Contact Details

Kroger Grocery Store, KingWood, TX :  +1 281-318-1194 ( Open until 1:00 am )

Kroger Super Market,Rolla, MO :  +1 573-364-2721 ( Open until 12:00 am )

Kroger Grocery Store,Athens, GA : +1 706-715-3738 ( Open until 1:00 am )

The advantage of having your coupon codes on the web, rather than cut-out them through the reports, is certainly the easy firm.

Kroger’s Advantages

Unquestionably, for some little relatives or single men and ladies the online world offers a quick and fruitful technique to Kroger feedback chase ensuring the end goal to discover particularly what you are occupied with, despite the fact that for, the most trouble, some focus clients the newsprint will quite often be useful. By acquiring nourishment coupons online, you can tailor your exploration from what you truly require as the other option to create exchanges in view of what markdown codes can be found that week.

Along these lines, it can be just sensible that brands like Kroger would swing to this technique for advancement. In the event that you investigate current ways of life, the clarifications are very straightforward. By getting one of these cards you will see astounding uncommon bonus all through the retail outlet alongside particular spots this can fuse substantial bonus on fuel in the meantime.

Could be it’s an ideal opportunity to investigate “couponing” a little also. Kroger coupon codes are acquirable for the individuals who really need to spare cash in their maintenance charge. The Kroger Organization capacities rebate codes significantly to urge you to enter into their shippers.

There is surely a lesser measure of temptation to acquire something in spite of the fact that the fact of the matter is an advancement on the papers, regardless of the way that actually, there won’t, not go to be a coupon for all that you plan to purchase. Perpetually little people change to the web essential for data.

Kroger Shopper wins $5000 Prize at Kroger Feedback Survey

It was like finding a needle in a sheaf, however, Marie Van Wye of Jackson won $5,000 in Kroger blessing cards after she simply filled out and returned a Kroger satisfaction survey.

Out of 2,600 stores across the nation and more than 110,000 passages for the time of August, Van Wye was chosen aimlessly to win the enormous prize.

“I simply did it to get the 50 fuel focuses each week,” Van Wye said. “It was stunning. I enter sweepstakes a great deal, however, have never won anything.”

VanWye said she got the news by telephone from a lady who works with Kroger advancements in Newtown,

“I continued inquiring as to whether she was joking,” Van Wye said. “I even got back to her a few days after the fact to inquire as to whether I had truly won.”

Every client who finished the study got 50 fuel indicates and a shot win one of 100 present cards, in addition to the chance to include their name in the drawing for the $5,000 thousand prize.

VanWye and her family shop at Kroger on West University Parkway in Jackson in any event once every week. The store is a piece of The Kroger Co. Delta Division in Memphis.

“The reason for our studies is to get criticism from our customers with respect to their shopping background,” said Pat Goodman, Customer first Manager for the Kroger Delta Division. “We will probably convey exceptionally fulfilled support of every one of our clients, and we know we are doing that by the criticism we get from the studies.”

The challenge is across the country and keeps running in all Kroger-claimed stores month to month.

“Our corporate office at first let us know we had a client who had won the $5,000 prize, said Laura Fields, Kroger co-director at University Parkway. “She was extremely cheerful, and we truly valued her rounding out the overview.”

Kroger Feedback: Winners

You can check complete by following Kroger feedback survey winners page.

  • Clara H. (Grand Prize): King Soopers– 6200129
  • Donald H. : Atlanta – 0110026
  • Theresa V. : Atlanta – 0110245
  • Diedre Nicole W. : Atlanta – 0110370
  • Monet C. : Atlanta – 0110405
  • Juan M. : Atlanta – 0110426
  • Linda C. : Atlanta – 0110458
  • Sherry N. : Atlanta  – 0110477
  • Diana D.  : Atlanta – 0110653
  • Suzanne B.  : Atlanta – 0110673
  • Melanie P.  : Atlanta – 0110680
  • Melanie S. : Atlanta – 0110682
  • Karen B. : Atlanta – 0110688
  • Flora D. : Atlanta – 0110697
  • Mike W. :  Central  – 0210081
  • Julia K. : Central  – 0210100
  • Kathy K. : Central – 0210418
  • Gail E. : Central – 0210427
  • Kayla P. : Central – 0210822
  • Donna T. : Central – 0210920
  • James G. : Central – 0210972
  • Michael C. : Cincinnati – 0140381
  • Karla B. : Cincinnati – 0140430
  • Bruce B. : Cincinnati – 0140722
  • Amy H. : Cincinnati – 0140907
  • Stephanie T. : Columbus – 0160555
  • Toni L. : Columbus –  0160555
  • Cynde S.  – Columbus – 0160555
  • Nancy M. – Columbus – 0160569
  • Frank P. – Columbus – 0160920
  • Howard H.  – Columbus – 0160940
  • Bonnie L. – Columbus – 0160966
  • Cherwanda P. – Dallas – 0350532
  • Ramonda C. – Dallas – 0350543
  • Ted V. – Delta – 0250468
  • Tamara R. – Delta – 0250550
  • Margaret B. – Delta – 0250642
  • Janet C. – Dillon – 6150039
  • Ramie S. – Dillon – 6150077
  • Randy G. – Food 4 Less – 7040300
  • Angelo L. – Food 4 Less – 7080561
  • John E. – Fred Meyer – 7010005
  • Mary G. – Fred Meyer – 7010018
  • Linda N. – Fred Meyer – 7010019
  • Greg B. – Fred Meyer – 7010128
  • Star J. – Fred Meyer – 7010198
  • Dale B.  – Fred Meyer– 7010209
  • Marjorie M. – Fred Meyer – 7010281
  • Tammy L.  – Fred Meyer– 7010650
  • Drew T. – Fred Meyer – 7010662
  • Jill T.  – Frys – 6600073
  • Charles B. – Frys – 6600127
  • Judy S. – Frys – 6600622
  • Vicki S. – Frys – 6600641
  • Glenn B. – Frys – 6600679
  • Darcy L. – Houston – 0340010
  • Melissa S. – Houston – 0340145
  • Amy H.– Houston – 0340327
  • Diana B. – Houston – 0340383
  • Charles P. – Houston – 0340737
  • Calvin M. – Houston – 0340738
  • Jeannine P. – King Soopers – 6200003
  • Robert H. – King Soopers – 6200020
  • Mary M. – King Soopers – 6200040
  • Suzanne A. – King Soopers – 6200043
  • Terry H. – King Soopers – 6200043
  • Mary N. – King Soopers – 6200130
  • Karen M. – Louisville – 0240292
  • Rick R. – Louisville – 0240346
  • Jen B. – Louisville – 0240347
  • Rhonda S. – Louisville – 0240362
  • John O. – Louisville – 0240368
  • Don R. – Louisville – 0240402
  • Martha H. – Louisville – 0240408
  • Terry R. – Louisville – 0240687
  • Vanessa F.  – Louisville – 0240734
  • Kathy Jo P. – Louisville – 0240745
  • Margaret D.– Louisville – 0240770
  • Donna S.  – Michigan– 0180635
  • Carol Z.– Michigan – 0180693
  • Robert G. – Michigan – 0180706
  • James W. – Michigan – 0180709
  • Anna F. – Mid-Atlantic– 0290209
  • Dennis M. – Mid-Atlantic – 0290330
  • Jerry M. – Mid-Atlantic – 0290668
  • Ruth B.  – Mid-Atlantic – 0290714
  • Jacqueline J. – Nashville – 0260517
  • Sue M. – Nashville – 0260522
  • Mary B. – Nashville – 0260534
  • Ellen S. – Nashville – 0260690
  • Carol H.– Nashville – 0260862
  • Irene S. – Ralphs – 7030196
  • Luann S. – Ralphs – 7030744
  • John M. – Roundys – 5340132
  • Betty B. – Smiths – 7060063
  • Mary N. – Smiths – 7060087
  • Carrington B. – Smiths – 7060094
  • Carolyn M. – Smiths  – 7060350
  • Cecily P.  – Smiths – 7060392
  • Curtis B. – Smiths – 7060439
  • Eric W. – Smiths – 7060459
Any concerns related to Kroger feedback survey, Please call at 1-800-576-4377
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