Merrick Bank Visa Credit Cards: Customer Review and Complaints

Merrick Bank is one of the top 20 credit card companies that issues Visa® credit cards and have more than two million customers. Merrick Bank helps their customers in establishing or re-establishing their credit. For this purpose, the bank offers two types of Visa® credit cards.

The first type is unsecured credit cards, and the other is secured credit cards. Merrick bank financially supports their customers for recreational vehicles and also provide customer financing to Marines. Merrick Bank provides Merchant services in all over the United States.



Joe from Gilmer

They have fulfilled their claim as exactly they said they would. They give all the credit bonuses without having to ask them even a single time. As long as you are using their services, they take care all of your banking problems.

Karen from Portland

I have a very good experience with Merrick Bank. After the divorce, the bank has finally rebuilt my credit. The official website of the bank is easy to use that is why I have proper check and balance on my progress. They have fairly increased the limit of my credit card and till up to now I face no such issues or problems while working with this bank.

Muhamad from Falls Church

I was an account holder in Merrick Bank Visa card (Platinum) for a long time and always submit my payment on time. I went out of the United States for a couple of months and after coming back I asked Merrick bank to update APR info and increased line, but I was very surprised to know that my account was closed. When I asked the reason they told me, that there was no activity in your account and that’s why we closed it. You may know that when this type of closing happens that really affect your credit for a long time. So you need to be very careful while dealing with this bank.

Mike from Phoenix

I am a customer Merrick bank for almost two years. When I just recently tried to talk with them to get a lower interest rate. I was surprised to hear that they never negotiate interest rates, and if I am not satisfied and want to close my account that’s okay! They really did nothing to keep me their customer and a cardholder.

Gail from Newport News

I had a very good experience being customer and cardholder of Merrick Bank. The billing system is very simple and easy using their website. I found them being very honest about raising my credit limit on a regular basis. No doubt they are a very good company and very helpful for their clients.

Types of Credit Cards

Credit cards are the most common and easy way of borrowing. Usually, people purchase goods and services using credit cards.

Using credit card you can have an unlimited number of purchases, up to a pre-authorized limit, like $5,000. For this purpose, you just need to pay a portion of your bill every month. This is actually the minimum payment rule. It can be some percent (%) of your total balance.

Mostly the credit cards are unsecured, and you don’t need to provide any security agreement for the payment of a loan. You may want to consider a secured credit card if you had any credit problems in the past.

If you want to have a secured credit card. You definitely need to provide a bank saving account as a security agreement or collateral. This means that the Merrick bank will keep your saving account as a security for the repayment of the bill. And you may not be able to withdraw cash from that account.

For example, you want to have a credit card limit of $5,000 dollars, then the bank will require keeping $5,000 in your bank saving account. The amount of $5,000 in your account will assure the bank that you will pay the credit card bill.

Once you able to provide a good billing history by paying bills on time. The bank will give you the opportunity to get an unsecured credit card.

Usually, gold and platinum types of credit cards have a high credit limit. And they also need higher income and a very good credit history.

The Merrick Bank Secured Visa Card:
Do you need Credit?

You want a good way to control your finances?

  • After approval, you will be given an initial credit line depends on your deposit ($200- $3,000).
  • The account details will be sent to the three different credit branches.
  • You can build your credit with your good performance.
  • Using the help of online management tools! You can manage your credit account.
  • Your security deposit funds are insured by Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).
  • Zero Liability! You are not responsible for any unauthorized charges.

Do you want a secured credit card?

An important factor about a secured credit card is that, a secured credit card needs a security deposit from the cardholder and that security deposit work as a cash repayment.

Usually secured credit cards are used for customers having poor credit history and yet they are trying to build or rebuild their credit.

You may be approved for the secured credit card as long as you:

  • Do not have any Federal or Local tax obligations.
  • Regularly fund your security deposits.
  • Have a valid Social Security Number.
  • Do not have any pending chapter 7 case (bankruptcy) that are not currently being discharged by the court.
  • Have a physical U.S home Number.
  • Are 18 years old.

Merrick Bank Mobile App

Now you can manage your Merrick Bank credit card account using mobile app anywhere in the United State and anytime you want.

Merrick Bank mobile app helps all the customers being connected with us 24/7 all the time. You can access your account by using your online cardholder username and password.

Merrick Bank Phone Numbers

If you are in trouble and looking for Merrick Bank phone number to get help then, we love to help you. We are providing you the Merrick Bank contact information to help all your queries.

Contact Merrick Bank

There are different methods and ways following which you can draw their attention towards your problems. We are going to tell you different contact methods to the Merrick Bank.

Merrick Bank Customer Services | (800) 253-2322

Merrick bank customer services department is responsible for solving all your queries and problems regarding your account and credit card.

A Toll-Free Customer Support is also provided by the bank and you can contact Merrick Bank right there.

Toll-Free Number for Customer support: (855) 962-3066

There will be no charges apply to you on a toll-free number and you can discuss your problem with customer support as long as you do not get the solution.

Contact Us

You can also contact Merrick Bank support center using their e-mail address. This is also a good way to share your problems with them, but not sure when they are going to reply you back.

E-Mail Address of Merrick Bank is

You can post mail the Bank on this address:

Merrick Bank

Customer Services

P.O Box 9201

Old Bethpage, NY 11804-9001

There are some other Merrick Bank numbers listed below for your assistance.

For Dealership, queries call 1-888-545-3888.

Merrick Bank phone number 800-253-2322

Another number: (800) 660-8953

Credit Card Phone Number of Merrick Bank: 800-253-2322

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