How To Take MY KFC Experience Guest Satisfaction Survey?

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KFC is one of the largest fast food key chain of about 20,000 outlets among 123 countries. Kentucky Fried Chicken has introduced online kfc experience survey to ensure customer satisfaction.

MyKFCExperience Survey Site: Necessary Requisites

  • Latest KFC Receipt.
  • Internet connection.
  • Tablet/PC/Laptop or Mobile.

Looking for How to take KFC survey?

Get an exquisite chance of winning KFC Coupons by taking KFC customer satisfaction survey at its official website, Here are provided three guides, choose any of your interest.

  • Quick Guide: In this guide, a quick overview about kfc feedback survey is given.
  • Video Guide: In the video guide section you will go through step by step procedure of taking survey via video tutorial.
  • Step By Step Guide: In this section, a brief step by step guide with important images is provided for taking my kfc experience survey.
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My KFC Experience : Quick Guide to Win KFC Coupons

KFC excites its customers by an easy access to kentucky fried chicken coupons through mobile phones or by taking printable coupon to the nearby kfc store. You can enjoy kentucky fried chicken specials, kfc family meals, kfc bucket deals and many more through special discounted coupons of kfc.

KFC Free Go Cups


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Kentucky Fried Chicken has introduced FREE Go cups to acknowledge customers satisfaction & needs. Each go cup is filled with fresh seasoned fried potatoes along with any of the following four options

  • Chicken Littles.
  • Popcorn Nuggets.
  • Extra Crispy Tenders.
  • Hot Wings.

My KFC Experience Survey Site – Video Tutorial



For giving personal feedback regarding your kfc experience, click here to visit KFC official website (

Step By Step Guide for KFC Survey Site

KFC customer survey covers up all ambiguities & queries of its users for re-assurance of quality food being served every time one visits the nearby kfc store.

  • To start kfc customer satisfaction survey, it requires kentucky fried chicken store number, date, time & ticket number mentioned on your kfc receipt given to you immediate after placing order.


  •  Kentucky Fried Chicken priors customers contentment, at very next step, you’re asked to rate your experience of particular kfc store.
  • Then, You’re asked to mark your visit type either it’s a drive thru, dine in or some other.
  • Further, Your ratings regarding basic factors like quality of food, service, cleanliness, order placement & cordial coordination of staff are appealed.
  • Then, you’re requested to give feedback about any problem you experienced during recent visit.
  • Comprised on your first or revised visit, your likelihood based on your recommendation and very next visit is taken in account through kfc survey site.
  • In about maximum limit of 1200, your feed back for why you’re not highly satisfied with your experience at kfc store is requested.
  • To comply with customers will menu, you’re asked to rate for availability of your desired menu.
  • KFC is eager to grow through catering as well, Your awareness respecting Kentucky Fried Chicken caterers is considered next.
  • To maintain KFC personnel standard, your honest responses are always welcomed.
  • To target the interest of customers, basic questions are asked to classify individual customer.
  • If customer is 18 year old or greater, You may join sweepstakes of KFC.
  • If you are willing to join sweepstakes of KFC, your personal contact information is required.
  • Your entrance for sweepstakes is considered & you will be notified in case you’d be declared as a lucky winner.

coupon kfc

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About KFC

Colonel Harland is founder of KFC. He took an initiative as an entrepreneur by selling his fried chicken recipe from his restaurant in Corbin, Kentucky. Later in 1952, first franchise of Kentucky Fried Chicken was opened in Utah.

In mid of 1960’s, KFC holds the only privilege of First fast food restaurant that has been expanded internationally in

  • Mexico
  • Jamaica
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom

Kentucky Fried Chicken is also entitled as the first western food chain opened in China. And today, Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants are ranked to be second largest supply chain, worldwide.

KFC is very famous for these slogans

“No Body does chicken like KFC”

“Finger Lickin’ Good”

“So Good”

KFC is an exclusive fast food network all over world with KFC catering & KFC restaurants in different regions & areas. Kentucky Fried Chicken is ambitious for its craving customers, it provides everyday affordable deals, midnight deals, burgers , chicky meals, snacks & beverages.

KFC store provides you FREE Home Delivery, KFC personnel will be at your doorstep on order placement just at pace of one phone call. You can create a KFC account by visiting

details about kfc

KFC prefers its customer feedback, share your kfc experience online after your visit at any kentucky fried chicken store.

kfc number of stores

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KFC Contact Details

Kentucky Fried Chicken UK

KFC Head, Corporate Office : +44 1483-717000

KFC Chicken Restaurant, Derby : +44 845-753-2532

KFC Chicken RestaurantGretna : +44 1461-337567

Kentucky Fried Chicken USA

KFC Customer Care ServiceLouisville, USA : +1 800-266-7883

KFC Fast Food RestaurantCoffeyville, KS, USA : +1 620-251-1934

You may contact for your complaints & feedback or for having information regarding your nearest Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant by calling in to customer service center (0345 753 2532) of KFC, UK.

You can send your either positive or negative response, your dissatisfaction with staff or low quality food products with images, by posting a letter to head office of KFC, UK at following address. (Kentucky Fried Chicken (Great Britain) Limited, Orion Gate, Guildford Road, Woking, Surrey, GU22 7NJ, United Kingdom).

If you’re willing to submit your reviews via email, you may visit

If you like our post please share your feedback with us in the comment section. If you have any question or issue regarding my kfc experience survey site that you are taking at please let us know or you can directly call them for official support.

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