How To Take TELLTHEBELL Guest Satisfaction Survey?

 Tell The Bell  or Taco Bell Survey win 500$ at TELLTHEBELL survey using

TellTheBell Survey ( ): Tell The Bell is giving us an opportunity to win 500$ by taking part in Tellthebell Survey using TellTheBell official website.  Are you looking forward to taking part in TACO BELL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY using Tellthebell at

I have a solution for you in this post, so let’s get to the point that how you can take part in Tell The Bell survey at Before going into details I will highlight some points related to taco bell sweepstakes survey.


Tell The Bell Survey (

Taco Bell Customer Satisfaction Survey offers customers with a chance of providing feedback and recommendations about the quality of food, services, customer care center and other such components in addition to acquiring incredible cash rewards.

A weekly prize of $500 will be awarded to a lucky winner daily during the promotion period after completion of a brief survey and the winner will be selected from a pool of entries of the Tell The Bell Survey Sweepstakes.

This Survey has been specifically composed to obtain customer feedback and as a result, provide them with an enhanced and enriched eating experience. The survey contains questions about:

  • Overall satisfaction with the most recent visit.
  • Quality of food.
  • Temperature and taste of food.
  • The accuracy of order.
  • The cleanliness and environment of the restaurant.
  • The friendliness of the staff.

TELLTHEBELL Survey : Prize

The winner will get an astounding prize of $500 and four lucky winners will be selected during each sweepstakes entry period after completing Taco Bell Survey.

TELLTHEBELL Survey : Entry Period

The entry period details of Taco Bell Survey are mentioned below:

  • Start Date: June 30, 2017.
  • End Date: June 26, 2018.

The drawing will be conducted in the first ten days of the next month and a random winner will be selected from all the sweepstakes entries.

TELLTHEBELL Survey : Entry Methods

The entry methods for being a part of Taco Bell Customer Satisfaction Survey are mentioned below:

Enter Online

Users can be a part of the sweepstakes by completing the Taco Bell Survey available at 16-digit access code provided on the receipt from Taco Bell is required in order to enter the survey and win an entry in the sweepstakes.

Enter By Mail-in

Users can also enter the sweepstakes with a chance of winning amazing cash prizes by sending hand printed details including name, age, complete address and phone number on 3*5 inch paper and send it to this address: Taco Bell Survey Sweepstakes, P. O. Box 6047, and Dep’t. 39421, Douglas, AZ 85655.

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How to take TellTheBell Sweepstakes Survey using

Now let’s talk about what you need to get take part in the tellthebell online survey.

  • 16 digit survey code.
  • Store Number in case if you don’t know your survey code.
  • Date in case if you don’t know your survey code.
  • Time in case if you don’t know your survey code.

You can take tell the bell survey using their official website (, you need 16 digit survey code you can find that on your taco bell receipt.


Let’s move on I hope now you have your receipt in your hand, so note down your sixteen digit code.

Now open their website to take the survey – Click Here.

When you open tellthebell application [website:], then enter your code and click on start. In my case I don’t have 16 digit code mention on my receipt so, I need three things to take part in this survey because those are mention on my receipt.

  • 1: Store Number
  • 2: Date
  • 3: Time

Step by Step Guide for TellTheBell Survey

In the first step, you have to open their survey page. Please open Tell The Bell official survey page in case you have 16 digit code mention on your receipt. If 16 digit code is not mentioned on your receipt then please follow this link.



If your receipt does not contain a survey code then visit this URL:



Now when you open their official page, they will ask for three things those are mention below:

  • Store number
  • Date
  • Time

Once you provide them these details, then click on start button to start your tellthebell survey.


First Question: Please rate your overall satisfaction with your experience at this taco bell.

Now Answer the first question and then click on next.


tell the bellIn the second question, a number of questions regarding the quality of food and services as well as the environment of the restaurant will be asked.

  • The appearance of your food.
  • The cleanliness of the restaurant.
  • The speed of service.
  • The portion size of your order.
  • The accuracy of your order.
  • The friendliness of the team member.tell the bell

Once you have provided your satisfaction respectively then click on next.tell the bell


In the 4th question, they ask us the reasons for our less than satisfied with the portion size:tell the bell

  • Does not look like an advertisement.
  • Not enough other toppings (e.g. sauce, lettuce, tomato etc.)
  • Not enough beef, chicken or steak.
  • Not enough cheese.

In the 5th question, they ask us the reasons for our less than satisfied with the appearance of your food:

  • The food does not look like an advertisement.
  • The ingredients were too greasy or too dry.
  • Messy
  • Torn tortilla.
  • The packing was not fully closed or sturdy.
  • Ingredients were not spread evenly.
  • Cracked taco shell

In the 6th question at the tellthebell survey, they ask us the reasons for our less than satisfied with the interior cleanliness:

  • The trash cans were overflowing.
  • The tables and/ or chairs were dirty.
  • The floors were dirty.
  • The team members were not neat in appearance.
  • The restrooms were dirty.

Once you have provided your reasons for above questions respectively then click on next.

Then a number of questions regarding the menu items, food quality, services and environment of the restaurant will be asked.Answer all these questions honestly and precisely and move on to the next.


tell the bell

In the next question, they ask us if you are a legal resident of United States and are 18 year age or older you may enter our sweepstakes? :

  • Yes
  • No


You can select the option yes and then click next to the last and final question.

tell the bellIn the last question, they ask us about our personal information:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Phone Number


Please give the following information and click next. Your Survey is complete!tell the bell


When Will You Get a Notification for TellTheBell Survey as a Winners?

Each week Sweepstakes champ entering the Sweepstakes through the Telephone, Internet, Mobile or will be informed by either phone or mail.

Week after week Sweepstakes champ will be required to sign and give back a sworn statement of qualification and risk/exposure discharge within fourteen (14) days of notice. On the off chance that Sponsor can’t contact a champ in spite of Sponsor’s sensible endeavors to do as such, the Entrant from the principal interchange date and scheduled opening will be chosen.

Failure to return the signed affidavit of eligibility and liability/publicity release within fourteen (14) days of notification, or return of any prize notification or prize as undeliverable, may result in forfeiture of the prize and the selection of an alternate winner, without further notice from a sponsor, in Sponsor’s sole discretion.

TELL THE BELL: Cancellation Termination OR Suspension Damages

In the occasion the Sweepstakes or any week by week Sweepstakes drawing is scratched off, ended, altered or suspended, warning will be posted by Abt SRBI at Tell The Bell any endeavor by an Entrant or other individuals to intentionally harm any site or undermine the genuine operation of the Sweepstakes is a violation of criminal and common laws and such an endeavor ought not to be made, the Sponsors maintain all authority to look for all harms and different cures from any such person(s) minus all potential limitations degree allowed by law.

Please read there rules and regulation before taking part in this survey to clear all your questions if you have any issue or problem please let me know and best for of luck for TellTheBell Survey.

Taco Bell Customer Service

Contact Information: Taco Bell Headquarters and Taco Bell Store Number

  • Taco Bell Headquarters Address: 1 Glen Bell Way Irvine, CA 92618
  • Corporate Office Phone Number: 1-949-863-4500 – [Tell The Bell Complaint Center]
  • Taco bell customer service please call 1-800-822-6235 (U.S) [taco bell store number]

TellTheBell Winners

Does anyone win taco bell survey? The answer is yes here is a List of all tell the bell winners that are given below:

Tell The Bell $500 Winners

  • Tell The Bell: First Entry Period – Tammy D, NY
  • Taco Bell Survey: Second Entry Period – Margaret D, IL
  • Taco Bell Survey: Third Entry Period – Jerry D, MI
  • Tell The Bell: Fourth Entry Period – Maggie M, FL
  • Tell the bell Fifth Entry Period – Erica G, WV
  • Taco Bell Survey: Sixth Entry Period – Terry R, CA
  • Taco Bell Survey: Seventh Entry Period – Tina S, PA
  • Taco Bell Survey: Tell the bell Eighth Entry Period – Deborah W, IN
  • Taco Bell Survey ( Ninth Entry Period – Ben B, OK
  • Taco Bell Survey: Tenth Entry Period – Amber F, GA
  • Taco Bell Survey: Eleventh Entry Period – Carl H, IN
  • Taco Bell Survey: Twelveth Entry Period – Donna P, FL
  • TellTheBell: Thirteenth Entry Period – Catherine C, NY
  • Taco Bell Survey: Fourteenth Entry Period – Nancy C, MI
  • Taco Bell Survey: Fifteenth Entry Period – Charles K, KY
  • Taco Bell Survey: Sixteenth Entry Period – Cory S, MO
  • Taco Bell Survey ( Seventeenth Entry Period – Brady B, CA
  • Taco Bell Survey: Eighteenth Entry Period – Orrett D, NY
  • Taco Bell Survey ( Nineteenth Entry Period – Frank O, MO
  • Tell the bell Twentieth Entry Period – Amanda R, TN
  • Taco Bell Survey ( Twenty-one Entry Period – Cristy R, KY
  • TellTheBell: Twenty-two Entry Period – Sarah H, IN
  • Taco Bell Survey ( Twenty-three Entry Period – Michael M, WI
  • Tell the bell Twenty-four Entry Period – Caroline L, CO
  • Taco Bell Survey ( Twenty-five Entry Period – Minjung C, GA
  • Taco Bell Survey ( Twenty-six Entry Period – Stephanie H, PA
  • Taco Bell Survey ( Twenty-seven Entry Period – Melody P, TX
  • Taco Bell Survey ( Twenty-Eight Entry Period – Stuart S, CA
  • Taco Bell Survey ( Twenty-Nine Entry Period – Erin B, CO
  • Taco Bell Survey ( Thirty Entry Period – Kaleb C, AR
  • Taco Bell Survey (  Thirty-one Entry Period – Shelley M, IA
  • Taco Bell Survey ( Thirty-two Entry Period – Christie Y, MO
  • Taco Bell Survey ( Thirty-three Entry Period – Jeremy B, MN
  • Taco Bell Survey ( Thirty-four Entry Period – Alec F, NV
  • Taco Bell Survey ( Thirty-five Entry Period – Lauren M, MA
  • Taco Bell Survey ( Thirty-six Entry Period – Clarence M, NC
  • Tell The Bell: Thirty-Eighth Entry Period – Jeffrey D, HI
  • Tell the bell Thirty-Ninth Entry Period – Steve B, KS
  • Taco Bell Survey ( Forty Entry Period – Harley M, IN
  • Taco Bell Survey ( Forty-one Entry Period – Andrew N, TX
  • Taco Bell Survey ( Forty-Two Entry Period – Brenda D, OH
  • Taco Bell Survey: Forty-Three Entry Period – Ulia C, OH
  • Taco Bell Survey ( Forty-Fourth Entry Period – Jill H, NY
  • Taco Bell Survey ( Forty-Fifth Entry Period – Sherrie W, NV
  • Taco Bell Survey ( Forty-Sixth Entry Period – Debra K, OR
  • Taco Bell Survey ( Forty-Seventh Entry Period – Randall R, IN
  • Taco Bell Survey: Forty-Eighth Entry Period – Kim M, MN
  • Tell the bell Forty-Ninth Entry Period – Atheshia H, VA
  • Taco Bell Survey ( Fiftieth Entry Period – Emily S, OH

I hope you like my post about tell the bell customer satisfaction survey, please if you have any query related to tellthebell sweepstakes survey then let me know or go to their official website for more information or contact me I will guide u in the right direction.

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  1. esther blansett says

    shahid well not at the store where we have gotten food the last few times. the food tasted awful. we went to the drive thur so we were home and couldn’t go back. we tried a 2d time and my husband said no more he doesn’t know what you guys have done but they just don’t taste the same. the store is nice and the people working there are great the food is just so bad my husband will not waste are money again. thank you

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